Self Guided Workbooks

Self-study Workbooks designed to Improve Your Life

Coaching is like putting on a pair of glasses and seeing things more clearly. 

Sometimes we want to do that being guided face to face, and sometimes we want to work on self-exploration and re-connection in the comfort of our own schedule and space. 

Midlife can be mayhem after all! 

These self-study workbooks provide guidance and structure to work through some really transformative areas of living well on your own (although I'm always available for email support if you need it!)

The MidLife Marker

This FREE MidLife Marker workbook will guide you through simple 5 steps so that you can start to find the magic of midlife through the mayhem.  It's a great first step to start shining the spotlight on your life, and to get a taste of how coaching can open your mind to focussing your mind... on you. 

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Shattering Self-Limiting Beliefs

This game-changing 3 Step Guide to Bursting Beliefs That Hold You Back will show you how to stop sabotaging your life. These 25 pages will walk you through identifying your self-limiting beliefs and how to break them. 


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MidLife Spring Clean

Spring is a time of renewal, of change and nature’s time for speaking up.
Just like midlife.

This workbook is perfect opportunity for a Spring clean that will leave you feeling brighter, fresher and blossoming.


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Money Mindset

Women can often struggle to find confidence around money - both in terms of negotiating for it, or creating a healthy money mindset. This workbook will help you understand why and walk you through your personal beliefs and 


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Sitting down with these guides is a chance to sit down with yourself.

It's about signing that damned permission slip to invest some time, some thought, some energy into YOUR life, not just everyone else's. 

They will help you get unstuck, help you find clarity, help you find the power and potential that this time of life has to offer.

My life has taught me that one of the most important ways we can show up for ourselves and self-care, is to self-challenge. Self-discover. Re-engage. Re-connect to ourselves. 

One of the best things about what I do, is watching a woman unfurl. 

Anais Nin beautifully wrote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  

This is your time.

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MidLife Courses

Life-changing courses that will help you shine a light on your life.  

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By sitting with me you'll be taking the time to sit with yourself and really discover (or rediscover!) what will make your life work for you. 

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You're not alone. Watch, read and listen to support, ideas and advice that will help you find the magic in MidLife. 

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"I benefited hugely from working with Alana, whose style is fast paced with a dynamic approach to goal setting. A great listener, she drilled down into my comments which made me question my beliefs and actions more profoundly. I felt very comfortable around her and I would highly recommend her if you're feeling stuck or need to get clear on the big life or career issues." - Marian R