Discovery Coaching Session

A time for you.

Ready to transform your life with coaching?    

 Discovery Coaching Session 

This one hour session will help you get some headspace and clarity to think about you and your life. 

Imagine. Investing some time and thought on you. Radical, isn't it?

This can be used as a stand-alone or a springboard to subsequent coaching



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Want to feel like you're running your life, 

rather than life running you down?

You’re not alone. 

Midlife is a time of incredible change - some of it wanted and some of it not.

You can have been so many things, to so many people, for so long, you've forgotten who you are to yourself. 

Or you're at an exciting (or daunting) new stage of life and want to matter more in your own midlife

And that's where coaching comes in. 

Being coached is like putting on a pair of glasses and seeing clearly. My job is to simply give you the space and structure to think about you and what you need. 

Imagine that. Time to just think about you! 

If you can find one hour to invest some time and thought on your life, I can help you find the magic in your midlife.

It might be the magic of managing the mayhem of midlife and figuring out how to manage your life better.

It might be the magic of just finding more space and time for yourself

It might be the magic of of gaining real clarity so you can really get energised and focussed for the coming year.

The magic might be about moving forward from a relationship or grief.

Sometimes the magic is simply spending the time to work through it all so you can remember there is a woman in there amidst all the roles and responsibilities you have

If you've lost your midlife mojo, I can help you find it. 

Book now for a one hour Discovery Coaching Session where you'll get clarity about where and how you are, and see the benefit of just investing some time and thought on how your life is going (and whether you are running it, or you're being run down by it!)

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