Helping you create the roadmap to a life you love.

How often do you get time for yourself?

I mean, real time.

Not a minute here, or a half hour there.

Not a quick walk after work, or a quick bath at bedtime.

I mean focussed, intentional, time, space and energy on YOU?

 Coaching gives you that space, time and energy.   With powerful questions, and empowering exercises and coaching models, I will provide a structure for you to invest quality thinking on you. 

An individual coaching session is usually an hour long, and costs €100.

But I have a number of longer packages to work on specific issues or stages, and there are also options for monthly or quarterly check-in sessions.

You can decide what's best for you when we chat. 

I'd like to book a Discovery Session

Who am I?


Reconnecting to who
I am.

3 x 1 hour coaching sessions

3 x Reflection exercises

Plus small immediate action exercises after each session and email support

Plus MidLife Manifesto

€350 (payment plan: 150 + 100 + 100)

€325 (payment in full)

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What Am I Doing?


For a specific issue or problem you need to find clarity around

4 x 1 hour coaching sessions

4 x Reflection exercises

Plus small immediate action exercises after each session and email support

Plus MidLife Roadmap

€425 (payment plan: 125 + 100 + 100 + 100)

€400 (payment in full)

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What's Next?


Big changes have or are happening and I need to think about next steps.

5 x 1 hour coaching sessions

5 x Reflection exercises

Plus small immediate action exercises after each session and email support

Plus Vision for the Future

€525 (payment plan: 125 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100)

€500 (payment in full)

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My Midlife

12 session Programme

Transform your relationship with yourself and your midlife

12 x 1 hour sessions 

4 sessions on self-discovery

4 sessions on design

4 sessions on action

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Need a Break Up

Build Up?

The end of a relationship can be devastating at any age and stage of life. But dismantling a marriage (and possibly a family) and figuring out what's next after years of thinking life would be one way, is particularly tough. 

I know. 

Recently divorced, I know the utter pain of trying to make sense of the turmoil, fear, anger and hurt. I also know that it takes time and support to get through it. 

Many of the women I work with are struggling with rebuilding themselves and their life after the end of a significant relationship, and it is one of the privileges of my life that I can help them rediscover who they are, and open up a future for them that sets them on a wonderful new path. 

This 12 session package will help you reconnect with your sense of self, plan your next steps, and create a way of living armed with beneficial gaols, habits and empowered mindset to start life afresh.

I'd like to get some Break Up Build Up coaching

Discovery session

Book an initial discovery session to explore where you are at and how coaching will help you. 

We start here, and you will come away with clarity on your situation and even some Aha moments.

This will then springboard you on to subsequent coaching sessions or packages if you choose. 

Price - €70 for a 45 minute zoom session 

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Midlife, redefined, Better, Bolder, Bighter

If you've read my latest book, Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter, and would like to get some 1:1 feedback on the exercises you did, I offer a one hour 1:1 zoom session, or a package of 3 one hour sessions to go through all you have learned, planned and actioned from reading the book.

I'm also running some small group sessions. All details are on the book page - click below. 

I'd love to get some coaching after reading Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter.

Midlife Matters.

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