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How often do you get to invest time and thought on yourself?

I mean, real time.

Not a minute here, or a half hour there.

I mean consistent, focussed and intentional time, space and energy on YOU and how you want your life to feel at this age, and this stage of your life?

Coaching gives you that space, time, focussed energy and momentum through consistency. With powerful questions, and empowering exercises and coaching models, I will provide a structure for you to invest quality thinking on you and how you want to manage your life now, and in the future.  

So that's the what and the how.......


Here's the why. 

I help women from the mid-30's to the mid 60's navigate, over come or design change.  

☀️ I help women through a separation / divorce process. Not the legal stuff... but the emotional and mental stuff. I've been through the process myself and until you've been through it, you can't imagine it.  

☀️ I help women build themselves back up when life throw's a curveball at them - a loss, the breakup of a relationship, loss of a job, or any number of things that can come our way at midlife. 

☀️ I help women reconnect to themselves after perhaps years being so many things to so many people, they've lost touch with who they are to themselves because of overwhelm, burnout or loss of sense of identity.  It happens!

☀️ I help women decide exciting next steps  at a new stage of life - post divorce, kids leaving home, change of career, change of pace, passion projects and so many other possibilities that await our unique generation of women.

Book now for a one hour Discovery Coaching Session where you'll get clarity about where and how you are, and see the benefit of just investing some time and thought on how your life is going (and whether you are running it, or you're being run down by it!).

More coaching options below.

Ready to transform your life with coaching?  

There are 3 options for 1:1 coaching to choose from:


 Discovery Coaching session 

This one hour session will help you get clarity around your situation and explore how a series of coaching sessions will transform your life. This can be used as a stand-alone or a springboard to subsequent coaching


(€50 comes off any further coaching)



Midlife Crossroads

Whether it's a midlife crisis or opportunity, this 4 one-hour session coaching programme will help you find clarity and direction. Each session will be supported by email follow up and dynamic reflection exercises that builds on the impact of the coaching sessions.




My Midlife: Better, Bolder Brighter 

This is a 12 one-hour session programme (ideally weekly over 3 months to keep momentum, but adaptable because, you know, life!) This is the deep dive... we start with self-discovery so you're making the right decisions based on self-knowledge and connecting to yourself so you are responding to internal needs and desires, rather than just reacting to external demands and expectations; we then get into tangible planning and decision making and finally you start creating a life based on intention and habits, dealing with beliefs and habits so you feel empowered to live life on your terms.  Each session will be supported by email follow up and dynamic reflection exercises that builds on the impact of the coaching sessions.


*Crossroads and My Midlife can be paid in instalments.

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Midlife, redefined, Better, Bolder, Bighter

If you've read my latest book, Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter, and would like to get some 1:1 feedback on the exercises you did, I offer a one hour 1:1 zoom session, or a package of 3 one hour sessions to go through all you have learned, planned and actioned from reading the book.

I'm also running some small group sessions. 

I'd love to get some coaching after reading Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter.

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Musings, mutterings, and some serious midlife matters to help you navigate this unique midlife - and to help you redefine it on your terms. 

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