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Meet Alana.

MidLife Coach. Author. Speaker. 

The purpose of your life is you; to breath, to shine, to grow.

Midlife is the magical time of transformation. It is your time.

Yet midlife is often a time when women feel lost, overwhelmed and tired. 

I offer a safe and transformative space, empowering you to see your courage and potential, to come out from under the overwhelm, to shed the layers of identity you have hidden yourself under.

This investment of time, energy and space on yourself will enrich your life, shatter self-sabotaging thoughts, and ignite a fire in your belly to make choices, seek clarity and embrace your potential.

I will help you stop living a life on default, so that you can live your life by design.

Who the hell wants to age gracefully?

We want to age and live powerfully!

So why work with me?  First and foremost I have experience being a woman – 50 years worth of experience, apart from that androgynous year in 1985 when I thought purple eyeshadow, drainpipe jeans and bowties had fashion potential. Secondly, I have learned to thrive in, not just survive, midlife.

Like most women I know, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs.  I’ve travelled. I’ve strived to get to the top of my career, and juggled that with parenting. I’ve faced the Hunger Games of 21st century dating after my marriage ended, I’ve single parented, double buggied, triple jobbed and lost my mother, marriage and reason in the space of 12 months, just as I hit midlife. 

I wrote about my time sandwiched between the care of three small children, and my beautiful mum who was rendered brain damaged and paralysed after a stroke in the best selling book The Sandwich Years.

What I have learned is that we are not defined by what happens to us, but by how we respond.

I first discovered the value of coaching 13 years ago. I had spent 15 years building a career in the non-profit sector and loved what I did. However when I had my first child and, shocked by my own decision to step back from that career that had until then defined me, I was recommended coaching to help me figure out how to navigate that wilderness.

It transformed my life.

It gave me the place and space to figure out what I could do, and how I could combine my love of creative work with my love of raising a family. It gave me the insight and confidence to build a new career as a writer. My new career path didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t easy. That’s not the point. Coaching allowed me to find my new direction when I stepped off what I thought was a permanent path.

The second time I used coaching was when my marriage ended and I faced an uncertain future. Again, it didn’t take away the pain of the past, but it made my future clearer and helped me redesign a life I love.

A life that works for me, not against me.  

I’m now a qualified Life and Leadership coach. As a journalist and author, for the last few years I have also researched, talked to, and written about women from all walks of life, and have realised there is a special and potentially scary time we all face – Midlife!

I am about to publish my second book, Midlife, Redefined - Better, Bolder, Brighter because while we have opportunities and potential that no other generation of women before us have had, we also face a very confusing and challenging time.

We have the answers inside of us.

We just have to invest in the time to find them.

That’s what I will do as your coach. Your time with me will be a safe space where you get to focus just on you. We will find and celebrate your strengths, we will explore what works for you, and how to ensure you live life to your best potential.

Coaching is an investment in you.


Not you as a mother, daughter, wife, partner, sister, friend, colleague, career person.


You. Just (but never ‘just’) you.


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The old-fashioned notion that women of a certain age retreat into the background, desexualised and irrelevant once the breeding years are done, is no longer borne out in real life.

Alana Kirk, The MidLife Coach

The Sandwich Years

How to survive when the people in your life need you most.

A time of heartbreak and difficult choices as Alana lost herself amid part-time caring for her mother, supporting her father and parenting three young daughters, while also attempting to get her career back on track. A time of growth and love as Alana rediscovered the joy her loved ones bring to her life, and learned how to find a way back to herself.

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Thanks so much for your coaching. You’re brilliant at bringing clarity to the chaos and clutter of my mind!

Anna Mooney, Co-founder of My Silk Pillowcase

I was at your online seminar a few weeks ago and it was such a wake up moment for me. I'm now following your five elements system and thrilled with it!

Eileen Mooney

Alana’s course exceeded my expectations and it gave me time to reflect on aspects on life and how we move forward and achieve our maximum potential with ease.

Michelle Irvine, Pilates Instructor