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Empowering women to live a vibrant, valiant midlife that puts them at its centre is what I am passionate about. I can talk about it until the lights go off and everyone has gone to the bar (and then some more at the bar!)

An experienced speaker and workshop facilitator, my passion for helping women go from fine to fantastic, along with my skill as a storyteller means I bring more than just words. I bring spirit and inspiration, and a lot of practical advice, whether that’s to an online webinar, an in-house workshop, or a packed room of people.

I’ve helped people tell their stories my whole career, from working for the non-profit sector to journalism and coaching. When I work one to one with a woman and watch her become enthralled by her own story, I know I’m doing the right thing.

If you would like to chat about me speaking at your company or event, please get in touch.

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"Alana kindly facilitated a talk for the Department in March 2022 on Redefining MidLife.

Participants found her presentation very inspiring and empowering, with some participants saying it was the best presentation they have heard this year!

Participants loved Alana’s positive and can-do attitude, and walked away from the session feeling their attendance was very worthwhile and with much food for thought."

Sarah Bealin, Executive Officer,

Learning and Career Development Unit, Department Enterprise, Trade and Employment

"Alana Kirk delivered two excellent webinars to LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network members in 2020 and 2021, 'How to Manage your Life and your Business" and "Money Mindset for Women".  Both webinars were well structured and full of motivational insights and practical tips relevant to the audience.  Alana brought a fun and empathetic style to the webinars that ensured that participants enjoyed the sessions while picking up valuable tips."

Pauline Logan, Coordinator

LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network

Midlife, redefined: How to thrive, not just survive, midlife.

While this is the most exciting time to be a women, it can also be the most exhausting. The struggle to juggle, and the pressure to perform is real. There is also a lot that isn’t real including the unrealistic expectations and beliefs that you have to be everything to everyone, at the expense of who you are to yourself.

In this power-packed presentation, Alana will explain why we are the generation of women redefining midlife (which is now a decades-long stage of life from your 30's to 60's.) The good news is you have unprecedented opportunities; the bad news is the promise of
‘having it all’ can often just feel a lot like doing it all.

How do you tip the scales in favour of the good? 

With a powerful look at the pressures and possibilities facing women today, along with an empowering practical approach to managing midlife in a way that nourishes rather than drains, this talk will look at three key ways to explore and navigate this unique midlife:

  • Self-discovery
  • Midlife Design
  • Action and building lifelong habits.

With practical tools and exercises accompanied by a takeaway workbook, participants have the opportunity to invest some real and tangible thought on putting the "life" into their midlife.

Other talking topics include:

  • Women and Money Mindset
  • From ‘fine’ to fantastic! - developing an empowered Midlife Mindset
  • Redefining mid-life - the good, the bad and the mayhem
  • Reconnecting to self

Webinars, Speaking events and Workshops

  • Online or in-person one hour talk (plus time for Q&A if required).
  • Detailed 3 hour coaching workshop where participants will come away with tangible plans and practises.

Alana is an experienced speaker has spoken on radio panels, TV shows and conference stages.

Alana Kirk is a life and leadership coach, speaker and author. As The MidLife Coach, she empowers women to run their best lives, providing personal coaching as well as
workshops and talks.

Following a successful career in the non-profit sector as Deputy Director of UNICEF Ireland and Director of Fundraising, Communications & Retail at Barnardos, as well as coaching women and writing and speaking about women’s issues, she is a freelance journalist and author of the bestselling memoir The Sandwich Years; a
memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes. 

Her latest book Midlife, Redefined: better, bolder,
brighter is out now.

You can find her on Instagram @midlifecoach

Thank you very much for your brilliant contribution to the M Word event. We are getting
rave reviews from so many women who went home enriched and empowered thanks to your wise words.
Aisling Grimley, Founder - and The M Word conference

Your talk was a smashing success. Thank you so much. A lot of women fed back about the power and insights they gained from your session.
Jillian McGill, Founder - Wild You Art, and Empowered Women Retreat

Alana's talk on money mindset gives a whole new perspective to the relationship we, as women, have with money as well as a ton of practical tips on how to improve that relationship and grow our financial freedom. Our group took away so much value and we would highly recommend Alana.
Andrea McQuillan, President, - Network Ireland - Louth Branch

Alana provided a talk to DPER on International Women’s day which centred around the
#breakthebias theme. The talk was very well received within DPER and Alana was rated
as a very good speaker in a subsequent staff survey.
Jason Landon, HR Strategy Unit - Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


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