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Do you ever wonder why you haven't ‘Arrived’ yet, welcome cocktail in hand, Insta ready with all your boxes ticked? Surely after all the effort you’re putting in, life should feel easier? 

There is no better time to be a woman in midlife. Because (apart from the fact that calorie-free wine hasn't been invented yet) this is the most unique time in history to be a woman in terms of freedoms and opportunities.  Younger for longer, you have a whole new landscape to explore before old age. 

But it can also be overwhelming. ‘Having it all’ can feel a lot like just doing it all. You To-Do list has subsections and appendixes, and it’s easy to forget to put yourself on it.

Midlife is being redefined, but from mid-30’s to late 60’s, there are so many choices, changes and challenges, it can feel too overwhelming to also grapple with the incredible opportunities and possibilities this extended midlife can offer. 

In the pages of this book, you'll learn how to get a grip on where you are, and plot the course you want to take, because midlife isn’t a destination, it’s an exploration.  You will draw your map of this new landscape, and with coloured markers at the ready, you’ll write the signposts to take you on a midlife mission of your choosing, a redefined midlife; better, bolder, brighter. 

Details of resources and 1:1 coaching for readers below ⬇

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Midlife, Redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter Resources

Each chapter ends with a self-reflection exercise or coaching tool to help the reader put the theory into practise.

You’ll find the code to access these resources in the Introduction and again on Page 206 of Midlife, Redefined.

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All The Tools You Need To Midlife, Redefined is my new book.

It was the book I needed to read when my own midlife needed a bit of attention. I have spent the last decade researching and writing about women, and while also being a women myself in midlife, trying to figure out how to keep myself at the centre of the midlife maelstrom.

Midlife, Redefined is aimed at women from mid-30's to mid/late 60's who want to invest more time and thought on themselves, and the life they want to be living.

As you well may know, while it's an amazing time to be a woman in midlife today with an extra 2/3 decades of being younger for longer, it can also be extremely overwhelming! It's easy to end up being so many things to so many people for so long, you can forget who you are to yourself.

  • Self-Discovery - (where am I?, how am I? what am I?, who am I?, am I playing by the right rules?),
  • Midlife Design (blank page, obstacles, ideas and desires, investment, courage)
  • And Action - (habits, goals, motivation, intention, self-compassion)

Each chapter has a theme and a self-reflection / coaching exercise so that by the end, you will have your own bespoke midlife plan or (wo)manual.


Read the book, done the exercises and now want to run it by me? 

Because the book is designed to enable you to invest some time thinking in you and your midlife, each chapter ends with a self-reflection exercise so you end up with your own midlife (wo)manual.

That's exciting!  It may also be a little daunting.

So I'm offering some options for 1:1 and group coaching sessions to explore what you have learned and what's next for you.  

You can sign up for a one hour 1:1 zoom session with me, to discuss your ideas and plans. €100.

You can sign up for 3 separate one hour 1:1 sessions by zoom, one for each section of the book - self-discovery, design and action - to delve deep into what you've learned, what you want and how to make it happen. €300.

I'll be running several 2 hour group sessions of no more than 5 per group in September to answer questions, give feedback and provide a place for you to discuss your thoughts on the work you've done with the book. €55

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Options for 1:1 and group coaching with Alana once you've read the book and done the exercises. 

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Book PR!

It's been amazing to have so much interest in the book with extracts in Women's Way, the Belfast Telegraph, Noon, along with interviews on Virgin Media 1's Morning AM, RTE Radio 1's Ray Darcy show and Brendan O'Connor Show, Newstalk's Pat Kenny show, East Coast Radio, WLR radio, and more on the way! Some pics below - didn't intentionally wear matchy matchy shoes with Muireann O'Connell on Ireland AM!

What they're saying:

"I really loved the combination of practical exercises, personal stories and new concepts. And I must confess to putting it aside – often – to really think long and deep about what I'd just read. And sometimes to cry or make notes. Ironically, this means that NOT reading it was sometimes the most important thing to do: to just sit with the ideas, the stories, and just THINK. And feel.

You speak to your audience, Alana, in a way that's profoundly personal. Reading Midlife, Redefined is like meeting your best, best friend and opening your heart to her over the best G&T ever. I laughed, I cried, I wrote copious notes-to-self and ultimately I made the conscious decision to celebrate this most misunderstood time of life. Your book, Alana, is nothing less than a rite of passage.

Trish Groves.


Congratulations on the book. And what an honour to be included.  It is delicious.

Absolutely delighted to be included. Hope it all goes fab and sells off the shelves!

Andrea Horan, Tropical Popical


"This is a brilliant book. and is going to help so many women. It made me tear up at times, the words are that powerful. If you're stuck in a life of spinning plates that you don't remember picking up, you need to read this book. You'll learn how to put more you into your life and love it." 

Elaine O'Neil, Hay House.

“I LOVE the energy, honesty and clarity of the book. Congratulations!!  What you write is also grittily real as well as optimistic, funny, bold and practical - just like yourself!”

Aisling Grimely, founder of MySecondSpring.ie


“Just had to say it is awesome. The tone is totally perfect, engaging and just honest.  Bloody love it! I am fussy especially with self help books but yours is just so natural, I can’t put into words but it just grabs you and you just want to keep going & going. It’s knowledgeable and just full of Information but is a best friend kinda way.”

Amana Keogh

The Sandwich Years

How to survive when the people in your life need you most.

A time of heartbreak and difficult choices as Alana lost herself amid part-time caring for her mother, supporting her father and parenting three young daughters, while also attempting to get her career back on track. A time of growth and love as Alana rediscovered the joy her loved ones bring to her life, and learned how to find a way back to herself.

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