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In 5 simple steps you can chart a path to keep you feeling a bit more stable; a bit more in charge, and a lot more likely to live a life that enriches rather than drains you.

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The old-fashioned notion that women of a certain age retreat into the background, desexualised and irrelevant once the breeding years are done, is no longer borne out in real life.

Alana Kirk, The MidLife Coach


The Sandwich Years

How to survive when the people in your life need you most.

A time of heartbreak and difficult choices as Alana lost herself amid part-time caring for her mother, supporting her father and parenting three young daughters, while also attempting to get her career back on track. A time of growth and love as Alana rediscovered the joy her loved ones bring to her life, and learned how to find a way back to herself.

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