How to ride life to your advantage

I’m not a fan of rollercoasters.  That slow crescendo to the top, that gut-out-your-mouth rapid descent, repeated several terrifying times is not how I choose to seek thrills.

My kids love them, and while I’ll gladly roll down dunes getting sand in my knickers, I can’t do a rollercoaster.  More than happy to hold bags and catch vomit.

Yet, I know from my own experience and from people I’m coaching, that many of us are experiencing that rollercoaster feeling...

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A Recovering Perfectionist’s Plan for Staying Sane

This was meant to be a Monday Mayday blog, but the sun came out and so I abandoned desk-bound jobs and adapted the priorities of my to-do list to suit my mood and the weather.

As a Recovering Perfectionist, one of the most important gifts I gave myself was that one; to become less rigid, become more adaptable, and as a result, become better at enjoying each day for what it is, not for what I think it ‘should’ be.

If you are anything like me, the Lock-down Lo-down last week gave me...

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How to stay grounded when everything is up in the air!

This is a recording of my recent webinar on how to stay grounded when everything feels up in the air as it is for many of us at the moment!


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Forget Spring Cleaning your House… It’s time to spring clean your life!


Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 17.13.04

The snowdrops are showing, a few eager daffodils are dancing, and despite the morning chills, Spring is definitely in the air.

And so begin the social media posts, podcasts and programmes about the need to declutter, spruce up and Spring clean your cupboards and Inbox. Then in magazines – alongside horror headlines yelling for us to get Bikini Ready that make our winter bodies just want to retreat to permanent Jumper-wearing Land) – we get features on how to clean your...

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The party of our lives!


Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 08.50.03

Hooray!! I’ve just turned 50!

I’m most definitely not one of those people who like to let the big numbers pass by (or any numbers for that matter!) with a silent prayer. I’m a ‘celebrate like there’s no tomorrow’ kinda gal.

I know too many people who never made it this far to be complaining, or worrying too much about my over-sun-scorched chest skin looking old (that’s not to say I’m not buying into the anti-ageing marketing bullshit...

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The power of pain

The power of pain

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 11.23.55

It’s been a week of shocks. 

A week of emotions.

A week where I really felt I lived most of its moments.

Some weeks can fly by so fast we just catch a blast of breeze as it speeds by us, and at the end, we look back a little dazed, wondering where we actually conscious for any of it at all?  Weeks like that can disappear from our memories faster than a bar of chocolate in a house full of four females (or is that just in my home?).

Then there are...

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