Frazzled to Festive webinar

Sleigh the stress this Christmas

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Don't be a casualty of the Christmas chaos this year. 

Join me for this special webinar to tackle the tinsel tensions, where I'll give you five festive tools to help you jingle your way through the juggle.

I'll give you practical support to sleigh the stress of the Christmas period,

plus a special New Year Plan to help you make 2024 the year with you at its core.

(I promise I'm getting all the cheesy Christmas sayings out of my system here!).

I'll be recording it and sending it out to everyone who registers for those who can't make it live.

The run up to Christmas can be a merry mayhem.

We women are expected to be Santa, Nigela Lawson, Elves, magicians, financial wizards and party planners all rolled into one human body.

Never mind Christmas lists.... this is all on top of your normal To-Do lists!

You're running around like a headless turkey trying to make everyone happy, and it's easy to forget that you too have the right to enjoy this season with a smidgen of sanity left.

 Come and learn how to  go from Frazzled to Festive (no wrapping yourself up in tinsel bows required).

I'll show you how to:

🎄 untangle the tension with 5 practical ways you can stress less and celebrate more    

🎄  conquer the chaos and get clear on what YOU need from the next few weeks rather than focus just on everyone around you

🎄  take away a fun exercise to make sure you start the New Year with exuberance, not exhaustion

This is the hour that might just save your Christmas!

The greatest gift you want this year is an enjoyable Christmas without the stress 

Join my Frazzled to Festive webinar and soothe some jingles on your jangled nerves. 


For a cracker of a Christmas, you have two registration options below:

The 45 minute (plus time for Q&A) live zoom webinar is €30. 

You can also choose to buy my book, Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter alongside the ticket for €48.85 (incl p&p), so that you can continue to invest time and thought on your midlife into the new year.

Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guided book so that you end up with your own bespoke midlife (wo)manual. 

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Frazzled to Festive webinar 

One hour that might just save your sanity this Christmas 




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Frazzled to Festive webinar

One hour that might just save your sanity this Christmas

Plus a signed copy of Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter (€16 + postage)


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Hi, I'm Alana 

I’m a woman at the coal face of mid-life. Perhaps like you, I struggle to juggle the roles and responsibilities that come at us at this stage of life!

I’m also a life and leadership coach and as The Midlife Coach, am on a mission to make sure women start putting themselves on their own To-Do list, and live lives based on how they want to feel, not just on what they’re supposed to do.

My second book, MidLife, Redefined: Better. Bolder, Brighter is out now. 

Both my book, and my 1:1 coaching programme work through the same journey of self-discovery, design and action, because through my own life and the wonderful women I've had the privilege of coaching, I know it's transformative power. 

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