Break up BUILD UP workshop

Learn how to survive AND thrive after a midlife break up.

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Dismantling a marriage or separating from a long-term relationship is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. 

It can feel overwhelming......and that's just the emotions!

There are also the logistics of how to perhaps form a functioning family, work out the division of a home, and amid all that, figure out what's next for you. 

It's a lot.

But you can survive it AND learn how to thrive.



In this practical workshop, I'll show you:

☀️ Why this is the most unique midlife in history, and why the end of a relationship should not be seen as a failure 

☀️ Some of the practical ways you can navigate the break up, separation and / or divorce process from a place of  response, not reaction

☀️ Some practical tools to find YOURself amid the chaos, grief, hope or mayhem of the situation, and help you look at ways you can start building a picture of your new future.

☀️ Practical tools and reflection exercises on the spot so that you come away already fired up with knowing what you need. 

☀️ I'll be doing live coaching and answering any questions - this will be an interactive, dynamic workshop where you can get involved if you want, or learn from watching others get some clarity. (If that fills you with horror, you can also just sit back, watch and listen. I'll be asking for comments in the chat for those who want to but this isn't school - I won't be picking on anyone and making them stand at the front of the room!) 

I’m going to help you reconnect with yourself, get clarity on what you want and need, to move through, and out, this experience


You have two registration options below:

The 2 hour live zoom workshop is €50.  You can also choose to buy my book, Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter alongside the ticket for €68.85 (incl p&p), so that you can continue to invest time and thought on you and your life.

Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guided book so that you end up with your own bespoke midlife (wo)manual. 

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Break up BUILD UP workshop

Two hours for you, and about, you.



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Break up BUILD UP workshop

Two hours for, and about, you.

Plus a signed copy of Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter (+ postage)


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Hi, I'm Alana 

I’m a woman at the coal face of mid-life. Perhaps like you, I struggle to juggle the roles and responsibilities that come at us at this stage of life!  I've also experienced the grief, shock and pain of dismantling a marriage (and the relief of realising, not negating the pain, that a better life was waiting for me. 

I’m also a life and leadership coach and as The Midlife Coach, am on a mission to make sure women start putting themselves on their own To-Do list, and live lives based on how they want to feel, not just on what they’re supposed to do.

My second book, MidLife, Redefined: Better. Bolder, Brighter is out now. 

Both my book, and my 1:1 coaching programme work through the same journey of self-discovery, design and action, because through my own life and the wonderful women I've had the privilege of coaching, I know it's transformative power. 

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