Chatting with Tommy Tiernan! 

What a wonderful opportunity to be a guest on RTE1's Tommy Tiernan Show!

Tommy was great. He seemed genuinely interested in how we deal with some of the curves and challenges women can face in midlife, the power of coaching, and why we have more choice than we think.  

We talked about....

🌟 How no matter how much we think we can control life, sometimes life has other ideas!

🌟 How I had to rebuild myself again at the age of 45... and why being grateful for all that happens - the good, the bad and the ugly - empowers you.

🌟 How you can spend the first part of your life desperately trying to tick all the boxes you think you're supposed to tick, focussing on how you want your life to look like. But that at some point, (either because you've been forced to or you want change), hopefully you'll start asking a far better question - what do I want my life to feel like?

🌟 How we have an unprecedented midlife, with an extra two or three decades before old age, and for women that gives us a unique chance to redefine midlife and all aspects of it. 

🌟 How not only do we owe it to the generations of women who could never have what we have, but we have a responsibility to role-model to our daughters and the next generation of women that the only way to be is to be hanging on by our finger nails, being all things to all people, before we can be something to ourselves. 

🌟 Most of all we talked about choice. 

Here's a link to RTÉ iplayer if you'd like to watch it (my interview is at 35 minutes in).

The key at midlife is to stop asking the question we tend to ask in our 20's and 30's - "What do I want my life to look like?" and start asking a much better question - "What do I want my life to feel like?"

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