My Midlife: 

better, bolder, brighter

3 month 1:1 coaching programme 

“It’s like a putting on a pair of glasses

and seeing your life clearly for the first time in a while”


A transformative, dynamic bespoke 3 month 1:1 coaching programme - because your midlife is like no other.

While your circumstances will be different and unique to you, there can be a midlife experience that affects many of us.

You were told you could have it all.. yet it may feel that you’re just doing it all!

Midlife is mayhem. It’s the busiest time of life and it’s very easy to end up feeling you’ve become so many things to so many people, you’ve forgotten who you are to yourself, or how to reignite your midlife mojo.

  • You might be at a crossroads.
  • You might be feeing stuck
  • You might have a goal or desire but just no idea how to manage it
  • You might have lost sense of yourself and need to reconnect
  • You might have experienced, or are going through, enormous change

Often we are the fixers, the planners and the carers in everyone else’s life and we can’t quite pull out our magic wands for ourselves.

This is normal.  Surgeons don’t perform on themselves. Therapists need therapists. And as a coach, I wouldn’t be without a coach!

"I knew I had more in me, but didn’t know to find it."

"I've just completed the coaching programme with Alana and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Before starting, I was hungry for change in my life, but didn’t know where to start. I knew I had more in me, but didn’t know to find it. 

Over the last few months, Alana has guided me on a journey of self-discovery.  I have uncovered creativity that I didn’t know I had and have challenged fears and self-limiting beliefs. 

Alana has a lovely style of being both challenging and compassionate, which enabled me to confront challenges in a safe environment.  And I now have a plan and feel ready to embark on the next stage of my life.  It’s a work in progress, but I have a sense of where I’m going and how to get there.  Thank you so much!!"

In Your Midlife: Better, Bolder, Brighter you will explore, design and act.

That’s the path we take together.

Whatever the issue, whatever the goal, this is the path you’ll take on this programme:

Explore - your life and reconnecting with yourself

Design - the life you want with curiosity and courage

Act - on your plans with clarity and confidence.

The path is proven but your destination is unique to you.

Here’s what I promise:

  • To be direct and dynamic, I’m a no messing kinda gal!
  • To listen to more than your words
  • To be non-judgemental and supportive
  • To ask you powerful questions that will open your mind and provoke an empowered way of thinking
  • Equip you with tools and techniques to make lasting changes to your life
  • To encourage and champion you, but be honest and objective
  • To prepare you for whatever steps you want to take
  • Hold you accountable and not let you off the hook ;-)

You will have homework (I like to call it playwork!) between sessions and this is a really important commitment from you. While I know our sessions will have many ‘Aha!’ moments for you, it’s the percolating processing between sessions that often brings the greatest reward. 

I will be asking you to incorporate new daily habits (if you don’t do them already) and other practises so that you get the best from this investment in yourself.

So what’s next?

If you’re ready and raring to go, let’s have a chat to connect and get to know each other before we start.

Once that’s done, I’ll send you a Contract (includes all the details around confidentiality etc), an Exploration Questionnaire to get us started, and an invoice, and finally we schedule our Coaching Sessions which will take place on Zoom.

Your investment:


*Payment plans over the 3 months are also available

Let’s talk!

My Midlife: Better, Bolder, Brighter coaching programme is for anyone who wants to put the "life" into their midlife.

Who wants to be a human being, not just a human doing.

Who wants to reconnect with the best in themselves and live valiantly and vibrantly.

These are just a few of the transformations and changes some of wonderful women I've worked with have achieved after working with me:

  • Found clarity at the crossroads they found themselves at, confident which way they wanted to go
  • Reconnected with themselves after years of feeling stuck and lost, to start building a bright and engaged life
  • Rebuilt their life after extremely challenging experiences
  • Found their confidence to shine and create a new path
  • Let go of people pleasing behaviours that were draining them
  • Explored their passions and playful side and discovered a new purpose
  • Challenged self-limiting beliefs that were holding them back 
  • Made bold, brave choices and followed a more authentic path
  • Realised they needed to invest more time in themselves
  • Worked through the plans they needed to achieve a life-long goal
  • Overcame doubts and obstacles to move forward on an exciting plan

Each and every client found wins and wonder within themselves, some small and very personal, some seismic and life-changing.

But those wins were always in them.

They just needed the space to find them.

That’s the gift of coaching - space to think. Space to make decisions. Space to prioritise. Space to make plans. Space to explore. Space to be curious. Space to find clarity. Space to make boundaries. Space to set intentions.

That’s the power of a bespoke programme - whatever space you need for whatever outcome, it can be as individual as you and the life you want to be living.

I'm ready!

If you feel you want a safe, dynamic, inspiring space to catch a breath and take a beat, to invest some thought and energy into you and your life, then let me be a guiding hand on your back.

I won’t be telling you what to do… my job is to clear the path so you can see where you want to be going, and how you want to be travelling.

You’ll be doing the work. “What’s new?” says you!  You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer and expect them to do all the heavy lifting for you, would you?

You are part of an amazing generation of women who are able to redefine what midlife can mean, with unprecedented choices, chances and opportunities.

You are also part of a generation of women for whom midlife can be incredibly full on, with unprecedented challenges, changes and responsibilities.

Sometimes, you just need some space to work through it all. 

This programme is for you if:

  • You’ve begun to want and make changes to your life, but can’t quite push through.
  • You know you want to go for something but don’t know where to start
  • You’re ready to ask for some help
  • You know what you want, but you want some accountability and a way of keeping track.
  • You’ve already made the decision to dedicate some time and energy on yourself
  • You know you want something to change and need space to decide how you want your life to feel


You have to be ready to invest the time in yourself. I always think that that decision is as powerful as the work you’ll do with me as your coach.

If you’re ready:

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This is my time!

"I benefited hugely from working with Alana, whose style is fast paced with a dynamic approach to goal setting. A great listener, she drilled down into my comments which made me question my beliefs and actions more profoundly. I felt very comfortable around her and I would highly recommend her if you're feeling stuck or need to get clear on the big life or career issues."

Marian Richardson, RTE Radio presenter


My Midlife

- better, bolder, brighter

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