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I'm gathering 100 MidLife Wins from women aged 35 to 65 — stories, snapshots and scenarios where you have embraced change, chosen courage, faced fear, kicked ass.

Yes, midlife can be mayhem, but with an extra 20 years of life - to be lived in the middle, not at the end of our lives - and unprecedented opportunities, it is also a chance to shine.

I’m looking for experiences, choices and unexpected turns that have brought you, or bring you joy, exhilaration, or peace. 

From learning a new skill, to changing career, from taking up a hobby to shattering an expectation, to realising a different way of living to embracing a new way of being… I’d love to hear the story of your #MidLifeWins

The lost and found

The reconnected

The discovered

The created

The invested

The established

The founded

The challenged

The chosen

The imagined

The explored

The tried

The feared

The passionate

The sexual

The sassy

The valiant

The hard won

The overcome

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Can you share your story with me? They may be used in my next book The MidLife Manual to show how our generation of women are redefining midlife, and I’ll also showcase them here and on social media over the next few weeks to inspire, enthuse and encourage others to grab life’s messy middle and make it a vibrant valiant centre piece.

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Featured Stories


My #MidLifeWin

This is one of my #MidLifeWins... becoming a mermaid!  At the tender age of 48 I finally learned how to put my face in the water AND face my fear of cold water and took up sea swimming... it has changed everything.  Now instead of standing on the edge of the water, I plunge into the energy of the sea. It has transformed me. Facing my fears has become a sport now... be that with technology, relationships or work. But it began with a deep breath and a valiant plunge into cold Atlantic waters and it was magnificent.

Liza's #MidLifeWin

Liza, 50, lives in Dublin with her husband and two children. 

She runs her own business, ClapHandies (www.claphandies.com), and loves lie-ins and music gigs (pre, and post-Covid!)

Her #MidLifeWins are taking up cycling and kayaking at the tender age of 49, after a lifetime of considering herself totally and completely non-sporty. (Perhaps even 'anti-sporty!).

“Having always thought sporty activities where for ‘other’ people, but in the last couple of years I’ve literally become a new person, embracing being outdoors and nature, and movement in a way I never did before. It’s literally changed the quality of my life. Being out on a kayak in the Atlantic coast of Donegal is not just my MidLifeWin but one of my lifetime wins.”

Amanda's #MidLifeWin

Amanda, 51, is married with an 18yr old daughter with attitude & strength, 14 yr old son with energy and fire, and 2 hairy dogs!  Life loves are her husband (“it’s the best it's ever been”) and her dogs. 

In her 40’s, she gave up a successful corporate career in International Marketing to retrain as a Pilates & Kettlebell Instructor.

My #MidLifeWin is feeling the best I've ever felt after deciding to prioritise my physical and mental health, and enjoying every minute in the minute! Tree hugging a must!”

Mid-age doesn't have to be a diving board where you fall off into dark depths unable to swim.

Mid-age is a spring board where you leap into the best part of your life.

Alana Kirk, The MidLife Coach