Join Me for a free, live Mid- (life) changing webinar


MidLife Makeover Masterclass

Do you wish you could run your life,  rather than be run down by it??

Then grab your 11’s of choice, and join me live on Tuesday 13th October, 11am for a Zoom that will bring some va va voom to your midlife. 

NOW is the time for a MIDLIFE MAKEOVER 

(No lipstick involved!)

This isn’t about make-up, it’s about a mark up. Of you. 

The who, what, where, and how you can make your midlife the best time of your life.

Save My Spot!

Midlife can be mayhem! The struggle to juggle your dependents (be they children or parents or even four-legged), your relationships, your responsibilities, your career, yourself! Yeah, that last one always comes last, doesn’t it?).

Well for one fabulous, free and full-of-game-changing-guidance hour, you can put yourself at the top of the list.   

Today, midlife is no longer a mid-point between being young and being old. It’s a decades-long stage of life that is vibrant, exciting, and full of growth, but can also be overwhelming, challenging and full of change.  

Most of all it’s a critical time to check in.

(We’re so busy doing stuff, we forget to do ourselves!)



What you'll get...

In this (mid)life changing free webinar, you will:

šŸ”† learn why we are the generation to redefine mid-age. 

šŸ”† figure out how to ensure your mind and body are working at their highest potential

šŸ”† recognise the 3 obstacles we seem to put in our own way 

šŸ”† discover the 3 power switches you can turn on that will help you live a vibrant, value-driven valiant midlife. 
šŸ”† take charge of your life to make sure it works for you

YES, I need this.

In this (mid)-life changing webinar here’s what I promise not to do:

  • Waffle on about self-care by telling you to take a spa day or run a scented bath (although self-care, spa days and scented baths are all good).
  • Convince you how to anti-age (in an age of anti-ageing propaganda) 
  • Tell you to fit in an hour of meditation every day, on top of the hour’s Boost Your Booty sexercise, while offering you a free booklet on juicing your own home-grown organic vegetables. (What? You don’t grow 15 types of broccoli and blend religiously as you watch the sunrise with your ears wrapped behind your ears???) 

Here’s what I do promise to do:

  • Make you think (about you. And YOUR life).
  • Help you reconnect with yourself  
  • Give you three powerful tools to start owning this time
  • Show you how it’s less important to age gracefully than it is to age powerfully. 

The way we redefine mid-age is to define how we want to live it!

(During the webinar I’ll also be giving out a link to a brilliant bonus workbook on Shattering Self-Limiting Beliefs) 

Iā€™M IN!!!

If ANY of the following ring true, you can’t afford to miss this free ‘Who, What, Where and How to switch on the magnificence of midlife’ webinar:  

šŸ”† you are feeling a bit lost in the mire of midlife - be that overwhelm, stress, loss of identity or challenging change 

šŸ”† you feel more like a human doing than a human being 

šŸ”† you want to feel you’re getting more from life for the effort you’re putting in

Let’s do this!