MidLife Redefined.

Imagine feeling in control.

Imagine feeling fired up.

Welcome to your new MidLife.

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MidLife Redefined.

Imagine feeling in control.

Imagine feeling fired up.

Welcome to your new MidLife.

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MidLife Magic.

Redefining mid-age and redesigning a life you love

Hi, I'm Alana, the MidLife Coach! I help wonderful (but possibly slightly frazzled) women find themselves in the mire of midlife - be that overwhelm, stress, feeling lost, or facing challenging change - and in doing so, find the magic in their mid-lives. This is YOUR time!


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"Imagine having the permission slip to live a life you LOVE, today."

Alana Kirk, @MidLifeCoach

Free Download - The MidLife Marker 

Ready to Grab MidLife by the Midriff But Not Sure Where to Start?

Thriving in midlife rather than just surviving, seeing opportunity rather than crisis, giving it attitude rather than platitudes is a choice.

That's why it is crucial that we make the time, at this time, to take stock and take charge, so that this becomes a time where you are running your life the way you want to live, rather than being run down by life.

This free MidLife Marker workbook will guide you through simple 5 steps so that you can start to find the magic of midlife through the mayhem.

One to One

Want to feel like you are running your life, rather than life running you down?

You’re not alone! 

Midlife is a time of incredible change - some of it wanted and some of it not. We can get so busy doing the business of life, we can often feel there’s no time for living life to the full.

Sitting down with me with 1:1 coaching means sitting down with yourself, creating space and energy to focus on YOU!  Who are you? Where have you gone?  Where would you like to go? How would you like your life to feel? I will guide you through a dynamic and enlightening process that will help you find the magic in midlife.

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Now is the time to invest in you! Invest the same time, energy and thought you give to others. I am running several brand new on-line courses including a mini (but mightily packed!) course, the Midlife MakeOver. Coming soon is an energising My MidLife Success course and my full 3 month signature programme Live Your life By Design, Not Default course. 

Packed full of videos, worksheets, coaching and email support these will bring the magic back to your MidLife. 

If you want to make sure you get details as soon as they launch and benefit from Early Bird, please register below.


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Need a quick hack to get you through a tough moment? Click here for The MidLife Hacks FREE mini-course.

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Please visit my free library of resources - from short MidLife Hack videos to informative blogs and podcasts.

Because you never have to feel you're going through this alone. 


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Alana Kirk

MidLife Coach, Author & Speaker

"There is so much potential for magic in midlife..and it doesn't take much to grab it.  Who the hell wants to age gracefully?  LET'S AGE POWERFULLY!"

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