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The most important question to ask yourself

You’re probably used to thinking about how you are, but do you ever wonder where you are?   

Of course, at midlife this could mean anything:

Hormones?   - in ignorance / peri / WTF?? / post menopausal??

Dress size?   - this shop no longer fits me / is this a wardrobe or a dressing up box? / straddled between ‘do  I look too old in this?’ and ‘do I look too young in this?’

Wine aisle?   - why is there no calorie...

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Do you chase drama or adventure (and how do you chase the right one)?

This isn’t about being a “Drama Queen” or an “Adrenalin Junky”.

It’s about whether, in the midst of the mayhem of midlife, you live your life pulled constantly by external exploits, or driven by internal intentions.

Perhaps you find yourself constantly reacting to people and situations in ways that, on reflection, didn’t really help you - or the situation?

You’re not alone. We all have autopilot behaviours that play out without us really...

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Challenge yourself for International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

The theme this year is #choosetochallenge which couldn’t reflect more the work I do as The Midlife coach;

    • helping women challenge the stale stereotypes of midage and take advantage of the new reality that it is now a decades-long, vibrant stage of life full of possibility and potential
    • helping women challenge the habits that run their lives, and beliefs they have about themselves and their potential
    • helping women challenge the idea that...
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Why self-focus is a vital part of self-care

We hear a lot about the importance of self care but I feel that's actually an umbrella term for a myriad of mental, physical and emotional approaches we need be living to our full potential.  A powerful part of the process is self-focus.  It's more than taking care of yourself, but really connecting (or reconnecting)  with your values, your sense of self and what makes you tick. 

The most crucial time to do this is that busiest of times - the mayhem of...

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