Building Strength and Sass in MidLife

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Despite being about to discuss yoga and pilates, I'm not going to go all whispers and woo woo on you.  I'm so passionate about women finding the magic of midlife amid the often mayhem, I'm more tempted to be all yell-y and yay yay on you! 

As anyone who knows me well can testament, my mantra for anyone who wants to listen is that we should say:

Fuck it to ageing gracefully; here's to ageing powerfully!

'Midage' is being redefined (and possibly even totally reinvented). Today, midlife is no longer a morose mid-point between being young and being old. It’s now a decades-long stage of life between ‘youth’ and ‘old age’ that is vibrant, exciting, and full of growth, but can also be overwhelming, challenging and full of change.

It's a critical time to keep checking in and really investing in ourselves - our physical health, our fitness, our emotional resilience, our passions, our purpose, our ambitions so that we can take full advantage of the extra 20 years of life expectancy we have - not at the end of our lives, but in the sometimes messy middle.  

I've also been know to say on more than one occasion that your life's purpose is you - to shine, to evolve, to grow, to flourish.

You will be so much effective at all the care responsibilities you take on if you are thriving in life, not just surviving.

My work as the MidLife Coach covers all of these areas in one form or another, but while I often work with women in areas of getting fitter or losing weight, I'm not an expert in the nitty gritty of muscles and movement (I deal with their mind not their muscles).  In nearly all of my coaching, health comes up in some way because it has such an impact on every other aspect of our lives. 

So because I can't recommend the value of it enough in this article I ask an expert (who happens to be my pilates teacher) just why is it SO fricking important for women at midlife to build physical strength and resilience and how to do it.

In the last few years I have built both yoga and pilates into my non-negotiable life practises (these non-negotiables are the things that are as important as eating and sleeping), and it has impacted not only my body, but my mind and my soul. (And just in case you think yoga has to be all zen and sunsets, this picture is of me trying to do yoga in my kitchen via a zoom class while my kitten clambers up my leg!)

So here I ask Michelle why it works, how it works and how to build it into our lives.


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