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What's going to happen?

(apart from you taking a few minutes each day to think about you, and what you need and want!)

A daily message for 5 days in our Happier Habits Adventure Whattsapp Group (and by email too), where you'll get inspiration, motivation and practical tools each day to check in with yourself and start building healthier, happier habits that will help you live more fully driven by your internal needs rather than reacting to the external demands. 

A wonderfully supportive group energy on the dedicated Whatsapp group that will last for one week.  (You can be a silent witness or an active participant... this isn't school and I won't be checking on homework, so whatever your comfort level is fine by me). We will cheer each other on, and I'll be there to answer all your questions throughout the week.

Inspiring prompts, practical tools and considered clarity to help you understand why some small changes can make a big difference. I will help you develop healthier, happier habits that will last longer than this week's adventure.  Each day I'll offer an idea or concept and suggest some small tasks (I promise this is not about adding to your already hefty To-Do List.) 

Need a boost of internal energy and

an injection of kindness? 

Well this 5 day challenge adventure is just for you (it's technically a 5 day challenge but I suspect you've enough challenges to content with, so let's see it as an adventure instead... where you get to explore, and reconnect and focus on you).

I know thinking about investing time on you might feel daunting....

but this will only take 10 minutes a day.  

Our daily habits make our days and the slightest shifts, the smallest changes, the injection of intention can literally transform your life. 

I'm going to do all the heavy lifting. Every morning I'll send you a short video with an idea, a little prompt and some practical tools that will help you connect back to yourself and change the direction of your day. 

There will be small tasks of kindness I'd like you to do for yourself but you don't need to take the day off and book into a spa. These will be prompts that you can do in the car, on your morning walk, at lunchtime, while you boil the kettle. 

They will lead to building habits that will bring about bigger and longer lasting change (see below).

I promise there will be no bubble baths prescribed in the 5 days (although you can put that on your list of kind things should you wish. That photo above is me having an early morning swim recently).  I'll be suggesting practical, simple tools to help you be more intentional about the happy. 

So that's it!

10 minutes a day, that might just transform

your whole day. 

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Hi, I'm Alana,

The Midlife Coach 

My midlife mission is to make sure women like you and me - struggling to juggle this messy mayhem of midlife - get to live valiant, vibrant lives.

 Here's what I promise. A no-bullshit, practical approach, lathered in some kindness. I'm not woo woo. I'm not a science geek. I'm somewhere in between... everything I do as The Midlife Coach is based on proven psychology methodology, and I don't practise anything that I haven't seen work on myself and my clients... women just like you. 

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I won't ask you to do anything I don't do myself.

I will not be making promises I can't and shouldn't make.

I won't be so positive I negate the hardship of your life, the joy and love, but also the drain and drudgery, the potential but also the disappointments,... because I have them all too. 

I will be championing you, encouraging you and occasionally poking you with a stick

You will not do this challenge and then be happy every moment for the rest of your life (and in Day 1 I'll be telling you why this should never even be a goal). 

But you will start to see that being intentional about the way you live your life can make all the difference.

No matter what age and stage you are at - building your career, struggling to balance work and family, emerging from a marriage, standing at a crossroads now the kids have left home, or simply ready for something new, investing time and thought on yourself and how you want your life to feel changes everything.   

I am also an author, and my latest book Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guide with guidance and humour and coaching exercises so that the reader ends up with her own bespoke midlife (wo)manual).  I'll be giving away some copies too in the Happier Habits Adventure. 

Hope to see you there!

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