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Happier Habits Programme

Mattering More in Your Own Midlife

Starting 9th September 

How would you like to have a happier year? 

Women in midlife are the busiest cohort of society... and the least supported.  

I mean, we feel that every day, don't we? 

So let me help you bring some emotional sunshine into your life (because we can't rely on the actual sunshine, can we?!)

So, what's going to happen on this adventure?

(apart from you investing some exciting time

thinking about you, and what you need and want!)

Starting on Monday 3rd June, this adventure will go deep enough to give you real practical, powerful tools to run your life rather than feel run down by it, but easy and light enough to fit around your life while you get on with the day job of being you, in all the roles and responsibilities that entails. 


For four fabulous and fun weeks there will be: 

🌟 A short little weekly video from moi with some juicy but calorie-free nuggets to chew on to help you understand some simple concepts that will make a seismic difference to the way you think and behave   

🌟 A weekly simple, practical, thought-provoking coaching exercise to do in your own time to put the ideas into practise and really get to work on yourself   

🌟 a weekly live zoom so I can answer questions and expand on the weekly topic (and a recording for those who can’t show up live),

🌟a non-compulsory WhatsApp group for those who want a bit of extra camaraderie along the way.


At just €98 for the 4 weeks, this is a chance to delve deep into how you are, and what you want and need,
 to build long-lasting happier habits
and really make this year, YOUR year.   
We’ll be covering things like
🌟 life and health audits,

🌟 habit hacking,

🌟 goal setting (not in a whip-led way, but based on redefining what you want in various areas of your life).

🌟 I’ll be explaining the three superpowers of midlife,

🌟 and most of all we’ll be looking at how you build life-long habits and practises for self-connection.

These won't be huge bits of arduous homework, but fun and thought-provoking exercises that will take a few minutes but will help shift your thinking, create better self-awareness and help you be kinder to yourself, bolder in what you want, and start feeling you can manage the midlife mayhem.

They will lead to building habits that will bring about bigger and longer lasting change (see below). 

So that's it!

A little bit of time on you, about you, and for you. Because... 

Happiness can't wait for the weekend.

Or that holiday booked for 3 months away.

Or when you get all your work done, or the kids learn how to put dishes in a dishwasher,

or you find someone to date who doesn't remind you of your old Uncle Tommy,

or you have more money, or more time, or less menopause belly. 

You have to learn how to matter more in your own midlife,
today and every day.  
OK, I'm so in! Sign me up

Hi, I'm Alana,

The Midlife Coach 

My midlife mission is to make sure women like you and me - often struggling to juggle this messy mayhem of midlife - get to live valiant, vibrant lives too.

 Here's what I promise. A no-bullshit, practical approach, lathered in some kindness. I'm not woo woo. I'm not a science geek. I'm somewhere in between... everything I do as The Midlife Coach is based on proven psychology methodology, and I don't practise anything that I haven't seen work on myself and my clients... women just like you. 

Video Poster Image

Women in midlife are the busiest cohort of society and the least supported. 

This is a space to feel supported and learn ways to better support yourself. 

I won't ask you to do anything I don't do myself.

I will not be making promises I can't and shouldn't make.

I won't be so positive I negate the hardship of your life, the joy and love, but also the drain and drudgery, the potential but also the disappointments,... because I have them all too. 

I will be championing you, encouraging you and occasionally poking you with a stick so that you can matter more in your own midlife.

You won't do this challenge and then be happy every moment for the rest of your life.

But you will start to see that being intentional about the way you live your life can make all the difference.

No matter what age and stage you are at - building your career, struggling to balance work and family, emerging from a marriage, standing at a crossroads now the kids have left home, or simply ready for something new - investing time and thought on yourself and how you want your life to feel changes everything.   

I'm also an author, and my latest book Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guide with information,  humour and coaching exercises so that the reader ends up with her own bespoke midlife (wo)manual). 

Join me for this Happier Habits Adventure and let's get this summer started! 

Hope to see you there!


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