Free one hour webinar that will put the Spring into your MidLife step!

Want to learn how to Spring clean your life?

Then grab your beverage of choice, and join me live on Wednesday 28th April 11am for a Zoom that will bring some va va voom to your midlife.

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Spring is a time of renewal, of change and nature’s time for speaking up.

Just like midlife.

It’s the perfect time for a Spring clean that will leave you feeling brighter, fresher and blossoming.

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Midlife can be mayhem! The struggle to juggle your dependents (be they children or parents or even four-legged), your relationships, your responsibilities, your career, yourself!

(Yeah, that last one always comes last, doesn’t it?).

Do you shine a light on so many others, on so many responsibilities, you can forget what it feels like to shine your light back on yourself?

Well come and learn how to light up your life with a Spring clean           (no hoovering required!).

I'll show you how to:

🔆 declutter unhelpful habits,

🔆  dust away old beliefs that no longer serve you,

🔆  and put on a fresh coat of paint in terms of your goals and plans for how you want your life to look and FEEL like so that you can navigate midlife with a spring in your step.

Like Spring with all its promises, this generation of midlifers are in a time of unprecedented growth, potential and power. With an extra 20 years of life at our disposal, and unprecedented opportunities, we are redefining the stale stereotypes of middle age. It’s no longer a point between being ‘young’ and being ‘old’. It’s now a long-lasting stage of life that is vibrant, exciting, and full of growth, (but can also be overwhelming, challenging and

full of change.)

And like Spring cleaning your home, midlife is a critical time to spring clean yourself, by decluttering thoughts, habits and beliefs that are holding you back.

Yes I want to spring clean my life!

I’m just like you. Refusing to bow to the anti-ageing propaganda (but slightly
bruised by it), juggling family, career, relationships, oh and the extra pressures imposed by a global pandemic, yet excited by the fact that I have so many possibilities ahead of me, (if
only I could find the time and energy to think about them).

As The MidLife Coach, I make it my mission to make sure that I, and as many other women as I can drag along, can make good on these unprecedented times. To find our voices, to ask what we want, and to go after a life we design, not live by default.

Here’s what I promise not to do::

  • Waffle on about self-care by telling you to take a spa day or run a scented bath
  • Convince you how to anti-age (in an age of anti-ageing propaganda) 
  • Tell you to fit in an hour of meditation every day, on top of the hour’s Boost Your Booty sexercise, while offering you a free booklet on juicing your own home-grown organic vegetables. (What? You don’t grow 15 types of broccoli and blend religiously as you watch the sunrise with your ears wrapped behind your ears???) 

Here’s what I do promise to do:

  • Make you think (about yourself)
  • Help you reconnect (with yourself)
  • Show you how to turn your light back on yourself to start living a life where you shine.

The way we redefine mid-age is to define how we want to live it!


If ANY of the following ring true, you can’t afford to miss this free ‘Spring Clean my life webinar to switch on the magnificence of midlife:

🔆 you are feeling a bit lost in the mire of midlife - be that overwhelm, stress, loss of identity or challenging change

🔆 you feel more like a human doing than a human being

🔆 you want to feel you’re getting more from life for the effort you’re putting in

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