REFRESH Your Midlife!

Making your midlife about you.

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Imagine having some space and time

to think about you?

Not the childcare cover at half term. Or the presentation at work. Or whether this is the season to be saying YES! (Or is it NO!?) Or is it just tying to please everyone except yourself (and even then no, one is ever pleased)? 

This is space and time for you.

Press REFRESH on your midlife this autumn.

A re-view. 

A re-purpose.

 A re-investment.

I know how easy it is to become so many things to so many people for so long,
you can forget to be something to yourself. 

I always think September is the real new year, just without the NYE pressure to be a "NEW YOU!"

You're fine, thanks very much. You may just need to review where you are at, repurpose some intentions about how you want your life to feel, and reinvest in you in terms of time, energy, thought and care.

You may just need to matter more in your own midlife.  

Are you at a crossroads? Are you entering a new stage?

Do you want change, or do you need to adjust to change that has been thrust upon you? 

(Or are you perhaps just hanging on by your fingernails hoping to survive, and really want to thrive instead?)

Whatever your stage or age, now is the perfect time to decide how you want your life to feel.

Join my online 3rd October workshop (it's a BYO at home so you can sip bubbles, kambuchia or any flavour of tea you like), kick off your shoes, and devote an hour or so to you. 

 I’ll help you understand where you are, and show you with practical tools and live coaching how to put the "life" into your midlife. 

It's the season of change,

and this is the zoom that will put the va va voom

into your Autumn! 

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 You have two registration options below:

The live zoom workshop (about an hour and a half) is €55.  You can also choose to buy my book, Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter alongside the ticket for €74.85 (inc p&p), so that you can continue to invest time and thought on your midlife.

Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guided book so that you end up with your own bespoke midlife (wo)manual. 

Refresh You Midlife!

Time for you, and about you. 




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 Refresh You Midlife!

Time for you, and about you. 

Plus a signed copy of Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter (€16 + postage)


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As the season changes,

let's check in with your life and see what changes YOU need.

In this workshop you'll:

☀️ understand why this is the most unique midlife in history, and what that means for you

☀️ Review where - and how - you are and see where you might need to invest some thought and action

☀️ Repurpose your actions and intentions in a way that will give your life back more than you put in

☀️ Look at ways you need to reinvest in yourself moving forward

☀️ Get practical tools and reflection exercises on the spot so that you come away already fired up with knowing what you need 

☀️ Get a Playbook (I refuse to call it a workbook) with exercises and tools so you come away with your own bespoke midlife plan 

I’m going to help you reconnect with yourself, get clarity on what you want your life to feel like, and learn how to live with intention, redefining your midlife, on your terms.  

Hi, I'm Alana...

I’m a woman at the coal face of mid-life. Perhaps like you, I struggle to juggle the roles and responsibilities that come at us at this stage of life.

I’m also a life and leadership coach, and as The Midlife Coach, am on a mission to make sure women start putting themselves on their own To-Do list, and live lives based on how they want to feel, not just on what they’re supposed to do.

My second book, MidLife, Redefined: Better. Bolder, Brighter is out now. 

Both my book, and my 1:1 coaching programme work through the same journey of self-discovery, design and action, because through my own life and the wonderful women I've had the privilege of coaching, I know it's transformative power. 

You can follow me on Instagram @midlifecoach, and sign up for my newsletter Your Midlife Matters here