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Discovery session

This is an initial discovery session to explore where you are at, and how coaching will help you. 

We'll dig down into your situation or the issue you want to address and look at how the process of coaching will unpack what's really there and how to address it.  You'll find clarity, courage and confidence in knowing there is a pathway ahead. 

We start here, and you will come away with clarity and confidence in knowing there is a pathway ahead.  You may even have some early Aha moments!

This session can then springboard you onto subsequent coaching sessions or packages if you choose.

What you'll get:

  • A clear perspective on your current situation and how we will work through it
  • A clear understanding of how coaching will be transformative  and the process involved using proven psychology and coaching tools
  • A plan for next steps and options for moving forward 

Let's get started!


What People Are Saying:

The thing I am most proud of and extremely grateful for is that I had the courage to sign up for your Midlife Coaching Programme! It has changed my way of thinking about almost everything!! It certainly has made me challenge my beliefs in myself, my attitude to what I am capable of, the realisation that I can make the choice to divert my energy into something positive rather than dwell on what I have no control over! It is very empowering. It has given me huge self-belief and peace of mind. You have helped me to appreciate all my talents, who I can be, what I am capable of, all the good things in my life and how I can make things even better through self-belief, kindness to myself pride confidence and courage and lots of hard work!! I feel that I am taking control of my life and am moving towards a better future!


I have just completed the 3 month 1 to 1 coaching programme with Alana and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Before starting, I was hungry for change in my life, but didn’t know where to start. I knew I had more in me, but didn’t know to find it. Over the last few months, Alana has guided me on a journey of self-discovery. I have uncovered creativity that I didn’t know I had and have challenged fears and self-limiting beliefs. Alana has a lovely style of being both challenging and compassionate, which enabled me to confront challenges in a safe environment. And I now have a plan and feel ready to embark on the next stage of my life. It’s a work in progress, but I have a sense of where I’m going and how to get there. Thank you so much!!

Jane Hogan

‘I benefited hugely from my four coaching sessions with Alana Kirk. Her style is fast paced and her approach to goal setting... and designing actions with me meant I made progress quickly. She’s also a great listener and drilled down into my comments which made me question my beliefs and actions more profoundly. I felt very comfortable around her and the sessions worked for me. I would highly recommend Alana Kirk if you are feeling stuck or need to get clear on the big life or career issues’.

Marianne Richardson