Live your life with intention, not distraction with MY MIDLIFE DAILY 5↓

Start running your days rather than being run down them by creating days that work for you, not the other way round with My MidLife Daily 5!

My MidLife Daily 5 is a mini pop-up programme that shows you an effective way of bringing method to the madness of midlife mayhem, designed to help you make your days work for you, not the other way round.

This is not about organising your To-Do lists, but embedding core pillars into your day that serve you, not just your responsibilities.

Yes please, I’m tired of being run down by my days

How do you live your best Midlife?

You live your best midlife day by day.

Because let's face it, your days either make you or break you, don’t they?
Yet often we put no intentional thought into how our days should run… and they end up running us!

Do you spend your days living reactively to the needs of everyone around you, rather than proactively towards a daily design of your own that nourishes you?

Do you want to create non-negotiable daily pillars that keep you connected to you and makes the day work for you, not against you?



My MidLife Daily 5 are unique non-negotiable daily elements you design, that ensure that not only are you getting the best out of each and every day - and therefore ultimately your life - but that your day brings out the best in you.


Here is what’s NOT in this programme:

  • There is no "big goal" that bears no resemblance to your actual life where having been told you could have it all, it only feels like you’re just doing it all.
  • You don’t have to take on more to-do actions (you already wear so many hats with the variety of responsibilities in your life).
  • There is no pressure to be a BETTER YOU (all jazz hands) as if there’s something wrong with the current you.

Here’s what you'll learn in this Daily 5:

A 15 minute guided video will explain My MidLife Daily 5, and show you how to develop core elements of your day, and how to action them.

Easy to use workbooks and templates will help you place your needs as a fundamental part of your day, not an optional extra when you’ve time (which is never).

A bonus ebook on Shattering Self-Limiting Beliefs, (just in case that critical voice in your head tells you you shouldn’t have days that work for you) will transform your ability to show up for yourself. (a €15 value )

My MidLife Daily 5 isn’t a another goal that will fall by the wayside in a couple of weeks, but a ritual that will change the way you live.

I want to create My MidLife Daily 5

With the My MidLife Daily 5 masterplan, you will design the pillars of your day that support and energise you, so that no matter what else is going on, the day gives you as much, if not more, than it takes from you.

This short, sweet, and very sassy little guide will transform your days, which… as we know will then build the life you want.

Aristotle proclaimed that “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Yet often what we repeatedly do is blindly roll out of bed and barrel through the same old routine and habits without ever stopping to question if they still serve us, or are creating the life we actually want to be living - you know, those "Big Life Plans" we have.

And that’s what this programme is all about - you designing, and then
implementing your MidLife Musts, your My MidLife Daily 5 rituals that make sure your best midlife is being lived day to day, every day.

This My MidLife Daily 5 mini-programme is only €30, and comes with a free bonus workbook on Shattering Self-Limiting beliefs.

While you’re looking after everyone else this year, don’t forget to put yourself on the list.

I want to live my MidLife best