Redesigning MidLife

Who wants to live a tired, out-of-date definition of middle age? 


Mid-age doesn't have to be a diving board where you fall off into dark depths unable to swim.

Mid-age is a spring board where you leap into the best part of your life.

Alana Kirk, The MidLife Coach

Want to feel like you are running your life, rather than life running you down?

You’re not alone! 


Midlife is a time of incredible change - some of it wanted and some of it not. We can get so busy doing the business of life, we can often feel there’s no time for living life to the full.
Today, MidLife is a time of incredibly opportunity for women.



It’s been completely redefined in the last couple of decades by two game-changing developments: unprecedented financial and social independence, and an extra 20 years of life expectancy - not at the end of our lives, but in the middle.
We can be and do anything we want!
Yet many of us can feel completely lost and overwhelmed by the struggle to juggle all those balls we are desperately trying to keep in the air. We often think there’s too much ‘stuff’ to wade through. 


That’s why coaching is so affective. It does the wading for you.
It is self-love.
It is self-investment.  
It is self-development. 
It is smart, practical support for busy women.

Coaching is not counselling where we dwell on past issues.  We only look backwards to find your strengths and successes, but mostly we look forwards, to help you deal with a particular issue, or design a life you love.

Coaching is not mentoring where I tell you what the answers are.  I know the answers are in you, and my job is to ask you the right questions to find them.

You’ll be doing the work, and I’ll be poking you with a stick. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is! You don’t hire a personal trainer, and then expect them to do your runs for you, do you? (Although how nice would that be!?)

I won’t be asking you to get up at 5am and jog in the dark rain (unless of course that’s an action you decide is good for you).  

I will be asking you though, to be open, be courageous, and be confident that you can find a path through whatever it is you need to work on. 

How can coaching help you?

In simple terms it’s like gradually having failing eyesight and then putting on a pair of glasses. Coaching clears away all the debris like self-limiting beliefs and narratives and helps us see - and work towards - a life that serves us.

You are unique. In your personality, your circumstances, and your dreams. 

Coaching will help you see what is holding you back, identify the great assets you have, and help you bring the best version of you to the fore.

Coaching can be life-changing. Not in a ‘grabbing some mystical magic from the universe’ sort of way. But in a ‘grabbing the magic within you’ sort of way. Together we will open up your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to become who you want, get what you want and live the life you want.

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