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Redefine Your Midlife

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Redefine your midlife - better, bolder, brighter!

 Is it time to invest some thought and energy into your midlife to make sure it gives you the life you want?


Younger for longer, you have a whole new landscape to explore before old age.

That's the good news.

The bad news is, do you ever wonder why you haven't 'arrived' yet, welcome cocktail in hand, Insta ready, with all your boxes ticked?

Surely with all the effort you're putting in, life should feel easier? 

You may be at a crossroads. You may be entering a new stage.

You may be wanting change, or change has been thrust upon you. 

Now is the time to decide how you want your life to feel.

Join my free webinar and I’ll help you redefined aspects of, or all of your midlife - better, bolder, brighter.

(Recording available to everyone who registers.)

There has never been a better time to be a woman in midlife. Because (apart from the fact that calorie-free wine hasn't been invented yet) this is the most unique time in history to be a woman in terms of freedoms and opportunities, and younger for longer.

But it can also be exhausting. 'Having it all' can feel a lot like just doing it all. 

Midlife is being redefined. 

But from your late 30's to your late 60's there are so many choices, changes and challenges, it can often feel overwhelming to also grapple with the opportunities and possibilities this extended midlife can offer. 

In this webinar I'm going to give you really practical tips and tools to do just that. 

My Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter.

 Your tasty and calorie-free takeaways from this webinar are:

☀️ Why this is the most unique mid-life in history, and what that means for you

☀️ How to go on an adventure of self-exploration. I'm going to give you a torch and a map and exciting things will happen!

☀️ How to get out the metaphorical coloured markers and start designing your signposts for this unique midlife landscape. 

☀️ How to turn your midlife mission into a way of living, not just a set of goals. 

☀️ Playbook (I refuse to call it a workbook) with exercises and tools so you come away with your own bespoke midlife plan 

I’m going to help you reconnect with yourself, get clarity on what you want your life to feel like, and learn how to live with intention, redefining your midlife, on your terms.  

My Midlife, redefined 

FREE webinar at 11am, Tuesday 23rd August  

(recording available to those who register)

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Hi, I'm Alana 

I’m a woman at the coal face of mid-life. Just like you. I'm a single mum to three daughters, and I'm in recovery. For perfectionism. 

I’m also a life and leadership coach and as The Midlife Coach, am on a mission to make sure women start putting themselves on their own To-Do list, and live lives based on how they want to feel, not just on what they’re supposed to do.

My second book, MidLife, Redefined: Better. Bolder, Brighter is out now. 

Both my book, and my 1:1 coaching programme work through the same journey of self-discovery, design and action, because through my own life and the wonderful women I've had the privilege of coaching, I know it's transformative power. 

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